"Ake Culture" wrote "29" novels:


The Unparalleled Ancient Lord

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:A disaster struck abruptly. Was it premeditated, or was it accidental? In the midst of mysteries, conspiracies, and hidden plots, the male protagonist's origin would be gradually unveiled. He wanted t

The Princess Doctor’S Revenge

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Having survived by transmigrating into the past, only to die for a bowl of her heart's blood?! The worst part about the whole thing is the combined efforts of a cheating b*stard and a two-face

The Final Seven Days

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:The experimental Death Notifications of the Heavenly Realm's Death Ministry will let you know of your impending demise seven days before it happens. Whether you once stood at the top of the world or s

Tea Leaf Girl

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:The tea people from Pentagram are the main life forces of the eighth nebula and have a history of over 3,000 years. Invaded by the Insects, the various races united amidst the chaos of war and revital

My Heart That Beats For You

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 74
Synopsis:Who says that girls must be innocent, cute and sweet? And who says that quiet and cool guys can't have the heart of a maiden?

Rebirth Of A Pampered Wife

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Mo Shiyi's dreamed to marry a tall, rich, and handsome man and strived to reach the top in life. However, before her rebirth, she unexpectedly loved a man so much to the extent of losing her h

The Prince Is A Giant Tiger!

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Like many novel characters, Yun Caiwei transmigrated into the past. All seems well, except for the fact that she found herself in the shoes of a frail, delicate, and foolish girl. To make matters wors

Stop, My Mute Wife!

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Traumatized by a fire that killed her family, Xu Nian lost the ability to speak. She thought that she could live happily after she was adopted by the Ning Family, but who knew that her adopted parents

She Lived In Your Heart For Many Years

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Due to a lie, Yi Xiang Nuan disappeared for five years. When she came back, her ex-boyfriend Su Chen proposed to her on their first meeting? He threatened to make her marriage life miserable, but the

Xiao Bai’S Father Is A Wonderful Person

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Because of a conspiracy they had a cute baby together. A few years later, they meet again and she finally felt some “love” for him. After meeting him more often her perspective of

Bell Of Forgone Sorrows

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:“In exchange for a few years of your life, I can help you forget everything about a person,” this was her offer that attracted dozens to her. All of which offered up years of their lives in exchange f

Tales Of A Spirit Counselor

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Yue Qingtao who was born under unlucky circumstances was picked up by a stranger back to his home. This stranger had actually known her for multiple lifetimes. That being said, she had a different per

You Are My Romantic Destiny

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Bai Die was known to be a sign of calamity, the daughter of a butterfly. She was to be killed whenever anyone came across her. Only then can there be peace. However, Liu Chen doesn't believe i

The General's Little Medic Lover

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:She is a goddess of war, Asura personified. She has the soul of a hundred thousand raging soldiers, yet her tender nature is unyielding, a favorable contender against a world dominated by men. He is c

The Glorious Rebirth: Good Morning, Mrs. Fu

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:In a one-to-one comparison, they are both equally pure and innocent inside out. While she can be fierce and sweet, he is the son of a rich family, indifferent, noble, and unattainable. Despite it all,

The Vampire Next Door

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:The Vampire Next Door summary is updating. Come visit MangaNato.com sometime to read the latest chapter of The Vampire Next Door. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to co

Cutie's Here: Mommy, Where's My Daddy?

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:The female lead, Ye Xiange, used to be a trainee within Linshan Entertainment. Before she could officially debut however, she was plagued by scandals and her nudes were all over the media. The company

Demon Thief, White Bone Ivory

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 98
Synopsis:Adapted from a novel. This is a story of a young man who could not practice martial arts due to a disease. In fact, he was not expected to live past the ag of twenty-five. He would quickly vanish into

Imperial Splendor

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:After being betrayed twice, she transmigrated with her vengeance in hand. Her new body was weak and she had to rely on the imperial physician to stay alive. In front of others, he looked like the heir

My Beloved Liu Yu'an

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Yu Xingchui returned to her home for two days and there's already a man lying in front of her door. Is this a scam? What? I thought of you as a friend, and you wanted to...! Hmph, you'

Rebirth: The Turnabout Of A Mistreated Concubine

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 50
Synopsis:After traveling through time, she finds herself in Prince Xuan’s bed, and has inexplicably become his maid whom he could sleep with at will. While filling her world with whispers of love, th

Come To Me, Otherworld Hunks

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 35
Synopsis:Lin Chaoyang has the worst luck because she transmigrated only to end up in the body of a demon. On top of that, the demon just finished having sex with a man. The worst part was this man was exceedin

Bright Stars: Pick A Boss To Be A Husband

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 94
Synopsis:"‘I was killed by my own fiancé and sister in my previous life. Now, I'm making a strong comeback in this one. Not only do I want revenge, I also want to cause havoc in the

To Match A Villainess: Love Hunting Rhapsody

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 60
Synopsis:In her past life, everyone knew her as the villainess of Nan City, but they didn't know that she was just a reckless support-character. After she was set up, lost all her reputation, and died

The Cold-Hearted Evil Prince's Indulgence

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:She was a top secret agent of the 21st century. Once she transmigrated, she actually became the ugly, stupid, and cowardly Fifth Princess of Eastern Yue. He was the regent of a foreign country who cou

This Prince Is Lovesick

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:All Yuer wanted was to find herself a groom, but she accidentally led four fiancés to their premature deaths… Fine, if no one wanted her, she could settle with being single forever. Still, dear Imperi

Mister Wolf's Miss Rabbit

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:"""For the sake of her brother—who had congenital heart disease—Yun Yao's stepparents 'sold' her off to a wealthy man. Yun Yao appeared to agree to the marriage, and she wanted to get out of it after

A Second Chance At Love

Author:Ake Culture
Update:Chapter 69
Synopsis:She was a woman who got played by a man and lost her way but by the grace of god, she received a second shot a life. From today onwards, she's not just Wang Xueqi but also Leng Yue, and she's living f

Rebirth: Giving You My Exclusive Affection

Author:Ake Culture
Synopsis:Yun Xiangxiang was reborn as her seventeen-year-old self.   She swore that she would never let herself be bullied this life. She slapped her cheating fiancé and made a high-profile a