Kareshi No Neko Ga Kawaikunai

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Kareshi No Neko Ga Kawaikunai The start of a lovey dovey life together! Or it should've been, but Matsuri's now living together with her boyfriend's beloved cat Sayuri...!? The struggle for her boyfriend with her cat-in-law begins...
Kareshi No Neko Ga Kawaikunai is a Comedy manga created by Maeda Aki,read the latest chapters of Kareshi No Neko Ga Kawaikunai online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 36: Push-Ups

Update:2021-07-03 00:34:28

《Kareshi No Neko Ga Kawaikunai 》Latest chapter

Chapter 36: Push-Ups
Chapter 35: Sleeping Together
Chapter 34: Unnoticed
Chapter 33: Candid Shot
Chapter 32: Gap
Chapter 31: The Life Of Three Strange People
Chapter 30: Their Daily Lives
Chapter 29: Thank
Chapter 28: The One Who Saved Her
Chapter 27: Lots Of Dangers Outside
Chapter 26: Escaping Reality
Chapter 25: Running Away
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