Hakui No Shihaisha

Kabutomaru Chouko 39 Views Completed 白衣の支配者 ; 白衣的支配者 ; The White Coat Dictator ; A Ruler Who is Wearing White Coat Facebook Twitter

Hakui No Shihaisha Moriyasu sells medical equipment, but has a problem with hospitals. Handsome Nobuaki-sensei likes to tease Moriyasu when he sees him, because the good doctor suspects that Moriyasu's problem might not...
Hakui No Shihaisha is a Smut manga created by Kabutomaru Chouko,read the latest chapters of Hakui No Shihaisha online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 8 : In Total Control A Devoted Master

Update:2022-06-20 18:37:59

《Hakui No Shihaisha 》Latest chapter

Vol.1 Chapter 8 : In Total Control A Devoted Master
Vol.1 Chapter 7 : Don't Punish Me With Tenderness
Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Sweet Bondage
Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Sweet Markings
Vol.1 Chapter 4 : Tracing Fingertips
Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Spoilt And Selfish
Vol.1 Chapter 2 : The Invisible Chain
Vol.1 Chapter 1 : The Invisible Key
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