Everyday With Gods

Pageratta 139 Views Ongoing カミガミエビデイ ~凡神と愉快な仲間たち~ ; Everyday with Gods ~Norm and His Charming Friends~ ; Kamigami Everyday ~Bonjin to Yukai na Nakamatachi~ ; Kamigami Every Day Facebook Twitter

Everyday With Gods Pageratta's original gag 4koma about the daily life of gods. The gods in his pantheon attain their godhood based on deeds in their lifetime: Live an incredibly mediocre life? Become the god of normal ...
Everyday With Gods is a Comedy manga created by Pageratta,read the latest chapters of Everyday With Gods online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 5

Update:2021-07-03 04:16:12

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