Ou-Sama Wa Shitsuji-Sama

Shiiba Nana 47 Views Completed 王様は執事サマ ; สะดุดรักร้าย หนุ่มคาเฟ่ (Thai) ; A King Is a House Steward ; Ousama wa Shitsuji-sama Facebook Twitter

Ou-Sama Wa Shitsuji-Sama From Chibi Manga: The patissière Fuji Tamago started a part-time job and the staff in the kitchen of that cafe are only handsome boys! She can talk with a lot of boys! but she's not good for that...wh...
Ou-Sama Wa Shitsuji-Sama is a Romance manga created by Shiiba Nana,read the latest chapters of Ou-Sama Wa Shitsuji-Sama online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 6 : Trance X Trick~More Than A Kiss (Oneshot) [End]

Update:2021-07-03 04:16:14

《Ou-Sama Wa Shitsuji-Sama 》Latest chapter

Chapter 6 : Trance X Trick~More Than A Kiss (Oneshot) [End]
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