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Uwagaki From MangaHelpers: It's fairly obvious to Terui Chiaki that her classmate Ajikawa Yoshio has a crush on her. He is completely not boyfriend material in her eyes and, even if he was, Chiaki already has...
Uwagaki is a Comedy manga created by Yasohachi Ryou,read the latest chapters of Uwagaki online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.4 Chapter 20 : It's Going To Be Hard Work From Now On

Update:2021-07-03 04:16:15

《Uwagaki 》Latest chapter

Vol.4 Chapter 20 : It's Going To Be Hard Work From Now On
Vol.4 Chapter 20.1 : I'm Coming!
Vol.4 Chapter 19 : Which One!?
Vol.4 Chapter 18 : This Is A Declaration Of War
Vol.4 Chapter 17 : Seems To Be Very Fun
Vol.3 Chapter 16 : Don't Be Misiled
Vol.3 Chapter 15 : This Is The Best Thing To Do
Vol.3 Chapter 14 : What’S The Best Thing To Do?
Vol.3 Chapter 13 : It's Okay, It's Okay
Vol.3 Chapter 12 : I Want To Cherish You
Vol.2 Chapter 11 : Are You Prepared?
Vol.2 Chapter 10 : How Do You Know?
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