Geki Ai Motto Motometai

Minami Kanan - Yuuhi Ryuu - Ay 57 Views Ongoing 激愛 ~もっと求めたい ; Advent Prince ; Gekiai ~Motto Motometai~ ; Gekiai~ Motto Motometai ; Passionate Love Facebook Twitter

Geki Ai Motto Motometai An anthology of oneshots. 6. Advent Prince - Karen is in love with the school Prince. When he asks her out it seems too good to be true. Why is he interested in her?...
Geki Ai Motto Motometai is a Drama manga created by Minami Kanan - Yuuhi Ryuu - Ay,read the latest chapters of Geki Ai Motto Motometai online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.2 Chapter 6 : Advent Prince

Update:2021-07-03 04:17:39

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Vol.2 Chapter 6 : Advent Prince
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Vol.2 Chapter 6 : Advent Prince