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Yuuhi Ryu 61 Views Ongoing 先生と秘密を… ; 與你之間的秘密... ; Sensei to Himitsu o ; Sensei to Himitsu wo ; Sensei to Himitsu wo... Facebook Twitter

Sensei To Himitsu O... From : TCManga/Transient Mirage At a "welcoming dinner," Umino and her former high school teacher re-united. It was because of him that she decided to become a teacher and eventually enter a relations...
Sensei To Himitsu O... is a Josei manga created by Yuuhi Ryu,read the latest chapters of Sensei To Himitsu O... online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 2

Update:2021-07-03 04:17:40

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