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Aijin From Attractive Fascinante "Please let me be your lover." In order to save Okanoue Shopping Center and help his brother continue with his dream of being a concert violinist, Akira, t...
Aijin is a Yaoi manga created by Nishimura Shuuko,read the latest chapters of Aijin online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 6 : After Day [Extra]

Update:2021-07-03 04:26:04

《Aijin 》Latest chapter

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : After Day [Extra]
Vol.1 Chapter 5 : L'amant Final Stage [End]
Vol.1 Chapter 4 : L'amant Stage 4
Vol.1 Chapter 3 : L'amant Stage 3
Vol.1 Chapter 2 : L'amant Stage 2
Vol.1 Chapter 1 : L'amant Stage 1
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