Hoozuki-San Chi No Aneki

Igarashi Ran 25 Views Completed ほおずきさん家のアネキ ; 鬼灯さん家のアネキ ; 鬼灯家的大姐姐 ; Hoozuki-san'Chi no Aneki ; Hoozuki-sanChi no Aneki ; Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki ; Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki ; The Brother and Sister of the Houzuki Family ; The Houzuki Siblings Facebook Twitter

Hoozuki-San Chi No Aneki Gorou has a crush on his older step sister Haru. Unfortunately for Gorou, Haru happens to love teasing him sadistically in every way possible. This is a 4-koma crack comedy about their wacky day to da...
Hoozuki-San Chi No Aneki is a Comedy manga created by Igarashi Ran,read the latest chapters of Hoozuki-San Chi No Aneki online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 31.5 : Omake

Update:2021-07-03 05:06:56

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Chapter 31.5 : Omake
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