Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting!

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Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting! "Uhm-uhm... N-Nice to meet you! I'm Nyoroko". A girl – not good at talking to people – is invited by her friend Matsuri and and challenged into doing a li...
Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting! is a Comedy manga created by Muku,read the latest chapters of Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting! online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.2 Chapter 14: At Kokoro-Chan's House!

Update:2022-06-04 09:25:15

《Nyoroko's Live Broadcasting! 》Latest chapter

Vol.2 Chapter 14: At Kokoro-Chan's House!
Vol.2 Chapter 13: I Want To Travel Overseas...!
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Let's Eat Ice Cream!
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Let's Go Flower Viewing!
Vol.1 Chapter 10: Alone Again!
Vol.1 Chapter 10.1: Volume 1 Extras
Vol.1 Chapter 9: An Assassin Appears!?
Vol.1 Chapter 8: Your Best Memory!
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Talk About Whatever?
Vol.1 Chapter 6: Let's Make Chocolate!
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Nyoroko Will Do Her Best!
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Sleepover With Everyone!
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