Where's My Lovely Sweetheart?

Kazune Kawahara 26 Views Ongoing Suteki na Kareshi, A Wonderful Boyfriend, So Charming! (French), 素敵な彼氏, 绝妙男友, 멋진남친 Facebook Twitter

Where's My Lovely Sweetheart? Ever since she was young, Nonoka always dreamed of watching the end of the year Countdown with a boyfriend. Now that she's in high school, she wants one! However, there's no signs of g...
Where's My Lovely Sweetheart? is a Comedy manga created by Kazune Kawahara,read the latest chapters of Where's My Lovely Sweetheart? online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 18

Update:2022-05-22 16:55:07

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