Her Kiss - Infectious Lust

Yorita Miyuki 68 Views Ongoing Kanojo no Kuchizuke ; 彼女のくちづけビ Facebook Twitter

Her Kiss - Infectious Lust After being hospitalized, Sana, meets a mysterious girl at the vending machine named Kousaka Ayane. They are both interested in each other and start spending time in their rooms. With every meeting Sa...
Her Kiss - Infectious Lust is a Drama manga created by Yorita Miyuki,read the latest chapters of Her Kiss - Infectious Lust online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 13: Always By Your Side

Update:2022-06-03 18:05:31

《Her Kiss - Infectious Lust 》Latest chapter

Chapter 13: Always By Your Side
Chapter 12: Sweet Days
Chapter 11: All Of Her
Chapter 10: Her Album
Chapter 9: A Date In Uniform
Chapter 9.1: The Whole Story Of Her Nails Drying
Chapter 9.2: Twinkle Hearts
Chapter 8: My Friend And Her Girlfriend
Chapter 7: Taking Cover From The Rain
Chapter 5.5: Extra Story: Forbidden Fruit
Chapter 6: Her Circumstances
Chapter 5: A Secret Night
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