Cross Manage

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Cross Manage "Hard working" or "passionate" was not in Sakurai’s vocabulary and joining a team sports in school was out of the question. But one day, he accidentally w...
Cross Manage is a Action manga created by Kaito,read the latest chapters of Cross Manage online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 31 : The Fruits Of Our Labor

Update:2022-06-16 15:43:35

《Cross Manage 》Latest chapter

Chapter 31 : The Fruits Of Our Labor
Chapter 30 : Clash
Chapter 29
Chapter 28 : Thoughts Before The Decisive Battle
Chapter 27 : Two Days To Go
Chapter 26 : Spear And Shield
Chapter 25 : Misora And Namine
Chapter 24 : The Mysterious Girl Searching For Something
Chapter 23 : Obstacle To Victory
Chapter 22 : Heart-Pounding Overnight Study Session
Chapter 21 : Gratitude
Chapter 20 : Before I Met You
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