Kyouken Hachiko

Miki Laika 96 Views Ongoing Hachi The Mad Dog ; Perro Rabioso Hachikou ; 狂犬ハチ公 Facebook Twitter

Kyouken Hachiko Hachiouji Jou, the mad dog, is making a name for himself in the delinquents circle for knocking out various strong delinquent leaders... And his next target, apparently, is Himemiya Seishirou, second ...
Kyouken Hachiko is a Comedy manga created by Miki Laika,read the latest chapters of Kyouken Hachiko online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 1

Update:2022-05-29 17:17:22

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Vol.1 Chapter 1
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Vol.1 Chapter 1