Maou-Jou De Oyasumi

Kumanomata Kagiji 61 Views Ongoing 魔王城でおやすみ (Japanese); Sleeping Princess (English); Sweet Dreams in the Demon Castle; Facebook Twitter

Maou-Jou De Oyasumi The princess of the human kingdom has been kidnapped by the demon king! But all she wants to do is get a good night's sleep!?...
Maou-Jou De Oyasumi is a Comedy manga created by Kumanomata Kagiji,read the latest chapters of Maou-Jou De Oyasumi online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 255: The 255Th Night

Update:2021-09-28 15:49:15

《Maou-Jou De Oyasumi 》Latest chapter

Chapter 255: The 255Th Night
Chapter 254: The 254Th Night
Chapter 253: The 253Rd Night
Chapter 252: The 252Nd Night
Chapter 251: The 251St Night
Chapter 250: The 250Th Night
Chapter 249: The 249Th Night
Chapter 248: The 248Th Night
Chapter 247: The 247Th Night
Chapter 246: The 246Th Night
Chapter 245: The 245Th Night
Chapter 244: The 244Th Night
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《Maou-Jou De Oyasumi 》all chapters

Chapter 1: The Princess In The Sleepless Castle
Chapter 2: Bedsheets Shining Like The Sea
Chapter 3: A Sweet Sleep Known As Death
Chapter 4: Sleeping With The Wind Shield... And Nothing Else
Chapter 5: Because There S A Tower There
Chapter 6: Keep Howling At The Moon
Chapter 7: The Dreaming Poison Mushroom
Chapter 8: The Princess S Three-Star Armour
Chapter 9: But, It S A Heavy Price To Pay, Isn T It?
Chapter 10: Schlaf Ein Holdes Kind
Chapter 11: You Won T Go Down Unless You Touch It
Chapter 12: The Sea Of Pillows And The Tower Of Babel
Chapter 13: Head To The Sacred Treasure Forest!
Chapter 14: The Steam Killing Demon
Chapter 13.5: Special 5 - Volume 1 Chapterextra
Chapter 15: Innocent Villain
Chapter 16: Princess Finisher-Sama
Chapter 17: She Looks Like The Princess And Has The Same Brains As Her Too
Chapter 18: Friend (Futon)
Chapter 19: Badump! The Training Tournament Filled With Demons
Chapter 20: A Flower S Life Is Short
Chapter 21: Why Can T Honey Be Produced From Nothing?
Chapter 22: Guardian Of The Quiet Sleep
Chapter 23: I M Going To Visit You Tonight
Chapter 24: My Laundry Path
Chapter 25: On A Cradle Unto The Grave
Chapter 26: Demon King Castle (Sleep) Paralysis Play
Chapter 27: The Sloth Making Machine
Chapter 26.5: Extra
Chapter 28: Totally Fluffy Futon Taxi
Chapter 29: Princess Panties Are Good Panties
Chapter 30: I Can Upgrade The Window!
Chapter 31: Although I Got Merged With A Cat, Isn T That Okay...?
Chapter 32: Because The Princess Is A Naughty Girl
Chapter 33: Stop Getting Serious In A Party Game!
Chapter 34: Springy ♡ Princess
Chapter 35: Sweet Dreams In The Outskirts Of Demon King Castle
Chapter 36: God S Move In Dream
Chapter 37: A Perfectly Happy Prisoner
Chapter 38: Demon King-Sama S Sleep Or Die
Chapter 39: Keeping Secrets Isn T Good!
Chapter 40: Chocolate Is The Colour Of Blood, The Colour Of Love
Chapter 39.5: Extras
Chapter 41: Spine-Chan Doesn T Sleep
Chapter 42: Which Child Sleeps The Most?
Chapter 43: Attack!! Forehead Devil Subspecies!
Chapter 44: Create And Sing
Chapter 45: The Girl Visiting Many Demon King Castles
Chapter 46: Looks Like We Have A Master Of All Trades
Chapter 47: Taking Back The Princess (The Monster Of Demon King Castle)
Chapter 48: Badump! A Sorcery Tournament Filled With Demons!
Chapter 49: I Want To Hit The Helpful Goods Jackpot
Chapter 50: The Princess Dances Even If There Isn T A Meeting
Chapter 51: Pollinated Princess
Chapter 52: I Think That S A Sneaky Capture Method!
Chapter 53: Not Remembering A-Something During A Deep Sleep
Chapter 52.5: Extra Arc: Good Night At Komi-San’S House
Chapter 54: It S For The Sake Of A Girl S Friendship
Chapter 55: The Princess S Wonderful Pillow Store ♥
Chapter 56: The Flower Garden Lying Beyond Perseverance
Chapter 57: Nooobody S At Fault!
Chapter 58: The Princess S Sensitive Mouth
Chapter 59: Super-Sized For Demon King Castle
Chapter 60: It S Against The Rules To Call Them An Adult Though
Chapter 61: Sudden Change! Big Eggplant Earless Seal
Chapter 62: Together With Suyaris Onee-Chan
Chapter 63: Don T Avert Your Eyes
Chapter 64: The Black Full-Time Princess
Chapter 65: Do You Really Believe I Would Correct My Behavior After Seeing Somebody Else S?
Chapter 66: Demon King Castle Prison Break
Chapter 67: The Demons Turn Ghastly Pale, The Colour Of Fatigue
Chapter 68: Finger-Drawn Fireworks
Chapter 69: Jiggly Isn T A Bad Flavour!
Chapter 70: Night Rehearsal Practice (Wholesome)
Chapter 71: Heartfelt Party Night
Chapter 72: Muu Muu Is The Country Of Dreams
Chapter 73: Outfit Exchange Treat
Chapter 74: Do Your Best Doppelgänger Succyun!
Chapter 75: For The Sake Of That Worthless Victory
Chapter 76: How Many More Minutes Must, I Stay Awake?
Chapter 77: I Can Meet You In Your Dreams!
Chapter 78: Princess Running
Chapter 79: Samsara At The Church
Chapter 80: Love ♡ Princess Mandragora
Chapter 81: The Girl Travelling Between Castles Again
Chapter 82: You Can T Possibly Hide, Right?
Chapter 83: Don T Forget About Succyun
Chapter 84: The Sleep Princess Speech
Chapter 85: Together With Spine-Chan
Chapter 86: Friend (Futon) (Stalker)
Chapter 87: When It Comes To Movies, You Need Popcorn
Chapter 88: It Contains Handmade Chocolate
Chapter 89: You Dug Into A Grave, Not A Kotatsu!
Chapter 90: Don T "it Ll Prick A Little" Me!!
Chapter 91: 1-On-1 In The Ward
Chapter 92: Princess S Unimagined Poverty
Chapter 93: Since It Feels Suprisingly Good The Moment You Support Someone
Chapter 94: Lying Is Despicable!
Chapter 95: New Years Futon Material Trade Fair
Vol.8 Chapter 96: If Somebody Gives You Their Name, You Have To Give Yours!
Vol.8 Chapter 97: Okay To Sleep, Okay To Fight
Vol.8 Chapter 98: Journey To Getting Used To The Princess
Vol.8 Chapter 99: Visiting The Nicest Places Of Hell Springs Over And Over
Chapter 100: Let S Show Some Skin, Whee!
Chapter 101: Princess Is Forever Dreaming
Chapter 102: You Ll Be Able To Sleep 100% During Fifth Period Math
Chapter 103: The Secret World Of Suyarrietty
Chapter 104: Isn T It Alright To Lay Out The Album?
Chapter 105: Pampered Bomb
Chapter 106: Deadlines Turn Creatures Weird
Chapter 107: I Swear I M Truly Outstanding
Chapter 108: Fear! The Free Hostage
Chapter 109: Big Sister Suyari S Happiness
Chapter 110: Memories Smell Nice
Vol.9 Chapter 111: Trying Quite Hard For A Demon
Vol.9 Chapter 112: Do Your Best! Forehead Demon Monk!
Vol.9 Chapter 113: I D Like To Have A Sleepover Or Something At School, Hm?
Vol.9 Chapter 114: Hostage With Good Service
Vol.9 Chapter 115: If Demons Were To Dress-Up Like Her
Vol.9 Chapter 116: Burning After You Go "wah!"
Vol.9 Chapter 117: Those Who Drink Too Much Are All Bad
Vol.10 Chapter 118: You Don T Know Anything
Vol.9 Chapter 117.5: Omake
Vol.10 Chapter 119: Case File: Sleeping Suyaris
Vol.10 Chapter 120: Unexpectedly Skillful Cure
Vol.10 Chapter 121: A Day Of Sweet Dreams In The Demon Castle
Vol.10 Chapter 122: A Massive Parental Meeting Begins
Chapter 123
Chapter 124: Have You Not Heard Of Our Princess?
Chapter 125
Vol.10 Chapter 126: Longing For A Life Of Leisure And Dignity
Chapter 127
Chapter 128
Vol.10 Chapter 129
Chapter 130
Vol.11 Chapter 131: Overdue Santa-San
Vol.11 Chapter 132: You Were Young That Time
Vol.11 Chapter 133: I Ll Give All I Ve Got For Both Hobbies And Work!
Vol.11 Chapter 134: Lamenting Boy & Girl
Vol.11 Chapter 135: I Thought There Was Anonymity
Vol.11 Chapter 136: Suyaris And The Chocolate Demon King Castle
Vol.11 Chapter 137: Look This Way! Suyaris!
Vol.11 Chapter 138: Creator S Thrill Ride
Vol.11 Chapter 139: I M Sincerely Sorry
Vol.11 Chapter 140: Demon King-Sama Is Arrogant
Vol.11 Chapter 141: Welcome To The Newcomers Dorm
Vol.11 Chapter 142: Manga Magazines Are Generally Recyclable Resources
Chapter 143: Night 143
Vol.11 Chapter 144: They Re Not Always Female!
Vol.12 Chapter 145: Property Searching Is Fun, Isn T It!?
Vol.12 Chapter 146: Fishing With An Object Is Despicable!!
Vol.12 Chapter 147: Princess Suya Rhys And The Secret Room
Vol.12 Chapter 148: 2% Means 1/50, You Know?
[email protected]">Vol.12 Chapter 149: The Princess [email protected]
Vol.12 Chapter 150: A Model's A Model After All
Vol.12 Chapter 151: Princess Robo Mark Iii
Vol.12 Chapter 152: The Boy With Grown Horns
Vol.12 Chapter 153: No Guard Princess Vs. Full Guard Man
Vol.12 Chapter 154: Pointing Fingers Is Impolite After All...
Vol.12 Chapter 155: The Power Of Faith Is Amazing!
Vol.12 Chapter 156: The Demon King Castle's Pure Mint Plantation
Vol.12 Chapter 157: Run Up! Training Camp
Vol.12 Chapter 158: The Place With No Concept Of Human Or Demon
Vol.12 Chapter 159: Bewitched By The Pandangels...
Vol.12 Chapter 160: I Don't Want Her To Awaken Becuase I Want Her To Awaken
Vol.12 Chapter 161: The World He Desires
Vol.12 Chapter 162: Agree With Those Matters As Soon As Possible
Chapter 163: Fluffy Soft Pinball
Chapter 164: The Black Goat Wrote A Letter
Chapter 165: Go On The Midnight Train
Chapter 166: The Old Man Lovers Club
Chapter 167: Don't Make Mistakes With Name Addresses
Chapter 168: Wooow~ Your Home's A Devil Castle
Chapter 169: A Princess Always Smells Good
Chapter 170: You Make Them, But Not Literally Make Them
Chapter 171: How Many Kilos Are The Slimes You Lift?
Chapter 172: The Cell Turned Confession Box
Chapter 173: The Late Stage 1 Boss
Chapter 174: Bear Devils Are The Cutest In The World
Chapter 175: The Fur Coated Guy
Chapter 176: He's Still Technically A Dog.
Chapter 177: The Rumored Captive Dealer
Chapter 178: Togeyuki At Home
Chapter 179: Humanity's Dream, Spending New Year At A Hot Spring
Chapter 180: Princess Camp
Chapter 181: Suyasuya Nemunemu
Chapter 182: Class Observing In The Demon Castle
Chapter 183: Grandpa Mom
Chapter 184: Neverending Nights Don't Exist After All
Chapter 185: Sunny With The Occasional God
Chapter 186: Be My Big Brother
Chapter 187: The String Pulling The God
Chapter 188: Happy 50Th Anniversary
Chapter 189: The Ultimate Legal Comfort
Vol.15 Chapter 190: Sweet Dreams In Demon King Castle - Prologue
Vol.15 Chapter 191: It Was Princess's Privileges Being Taken Away
Vol.15 Chapter 192: The Sleepless Town
Vol.15 Chapter 193: Captive Sympathy
Vol.15 Chapter 194: That Is Why You Get Kidnapped
Vol.15 Chapter 195: Audible Lullaby
Vol.15 Chapter 196: I Made It As Shiny As Gold After All
Vol.15 Chapter 197: Captive Princess Vs Trespassing Dragon
Vol.15 Chapter 198: Even Though I Finally Buried It Away
Vol.15 Chapter 199: Taking And Running
Vol.15 Chapter 200: Accidental Leap
Vol.15 Chapter 201: Another Route
Vol.15 Chapter 202: Debugging Princess
Vol.15 Chapter 203: You Will Become King
Vol.16 Chapter 204: You Could Make It Fictional!
Vol.16 Chapter 205: Big Brother Massage
Vol.16 Chapter 206: White! Coulomb Construction
Vol.16 Chapter 207: The Sea Is Stormy
Vol.16 Chapter 208: The Sea Is Stormy At The River
Vol.16 Chapter 209: I Can't Separate While Cursed!
Chapter 210: Papa (Looks Like He) Is In Elementary Grade 2 Or 3
Chapter 211: They're The Sorrows Of A Perceptive Bird!
Chapter 212: You Have To Watch It!
Chapter 213: Only The Princes Isn't Aware
Chapter 214: The 214Th Night
Chapter 213.5: Special Collab Manga - Goodnight Anyways
Chapter 215: The 215Th Night
Chapter 216: The 216Th Night
Chapter 217: The 217Th Night
Chapter 218: The 218Th Night
Chapter 219: The 219Th Night
Chapter 220: The 220Th Night
Chapter 221: The 221St Night
Chapter 222: The 222Nd Night
Chapter 223: The 223Rd Night
Chapter 224: The 224Th Night
Chapter 225: Sweet Dreams, Demon Castle
Chapter 226: Sleepy And Famished
Chapter 227: My Brother Is The Water Type
Chapter 228: It's A Great Demon Town, Sir.
Chapter 229: Attack Of The Dragon Uncle
Chapter 230: Change!! The Real Demon King Twilight
Chapter 231: Change!! The Real Demon King Twilight - The Final Day Outdoors
Chapter 232: Our Demon King Castle's Petite Club
Chapter 233: Friendship • Effort • Revolution
Chapter 234: The 234Th Night
Chapter 235: The 235Th Night
Chapter 236: The 236Th Night
Chapter 237: The 237Th Night
Chapter 238: The 238Th Night
Chapter 239: The 239Th Night
Chapter 240: The 240Th Night
Chapter 241: The 241St Night
Chapter 242: The 242Nd Night
Chapter 243: The 243Rd Night
Chapter 244: The 244Th Night
Chapter 245: The 245Th Night
Chapter 246: The 246Th Night
Chapter 247: The 247Th Night
Chapter 248: The 248Th Night
Chapter 249: The 249Th Night
Chapter 250: The 250Th Night
Chapter 251: The 251St Night
Chapter 252: The 252Nd Night
Chapter 253: The 253Rd Night
Chapter 254: The 254Th Night
Chapter 255: The 255Th Night