Jinki: Extend

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Jinki: Extend In 1988 an enigmatic explosion which has happened in Venezuela caused some mysterious case called "Lost Life Phenomenon". Indiscriminate murder, mass destruction, vanishing of an ent...
Jinki: Extend is a Action manga created by Tsunashima Shirou,read the latest chapters of Jinki: Extend online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 7.5: Extra - Bloodline Verification

Update:2021-07-21 20:48:45

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Chapter 7.5: Extra - Bloodline Verification
Chapter 6: Skies Over Tokyo
Chapter 5: Negotiation
Chapter 4: True Opponent
Chapter 3: Qualified To Fight
Chapter 2: Spreading Ripples
Chapter 1: Lost Life Phenomenon
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