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Koha-Ace Koha-Ace stars Kohaku and features characters from various TYPE-MOON series. It is drawn in a super deformed style, and it is a self-aware series that constantly breaks the fourth wall....
Koha-Ace is a Comedy manga created by Type-Moon - Kei Kenchi,read the latest chapters of Koha-Ace online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Vol.1 Chapter 6: 2005: Hollow Ataraxia

Update:2021-07-02 20:25:50

《Koha-Ace 》Latest chapter

Vol.1 Chapter 6: 2005: Hollow Ataraxia
Vol.1 Chapter 5
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Year 2003 - The Eve Of Fate/
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Year 2002 - Melty☆Blood
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Year 2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Year 2000 - Tsukihime Is Born
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