Sokuochi Mayuri-Chan

Mizukami Satoshi 30 Views Ongoing Saihate No Solte ; Solte Of The Far Reaches ; 最果てのソルテ ; 终末的索鲁特 Facebook Twitter

Sokuochi Mayuri-Chan As a result of a large war, the world was eroded by a magical infection that distorted the time and space around it.  Though magic has been outlawed since then, the effects of that war still ...
Sokuochi Mayuri-Chan is a Adventure manga created by Mizukami Satoshi,read the latest chapters of Sokuochi Mayuri-Chan online for free in MangaSee.

Latest chapter:Chapter 1: Magic Pollution

Update:2021-07-02 22:17:12

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Chapter 1: Magic Pollution
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Chapter 1: Magic Pollution